Alasheola is a unique online spiritual shop that combines new age expertise alongside ancient wisdom. We aim to utilise our expertise in ancient spiritual and magical practices to bring you physical and emotional balance through natural remedies.

Most of our product and services are dated back to ancient time. From African and African-American folklore as well as European and Egyptian magic, we have them all here at Alsheola. We’re dedicated to providing the solutions and equipment for your practice under one umbrella that you can depend on.

All our products are pure, authentic and natural and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Products and services are sold as curiosities and we do not make guarantees on our products. ...

We take pride in our powerful and genuine hand blended products such as spiritual herbs, roots and resin,spiritual oils, amulets, herbal soaps and candles.

If you’re looking to supply your Hoodoo practice, we can help. Hoodoo is a spiritual practice that originated in the South of the USA, blending together Congolese magic, Native American herbal understanding, European folk magic along with Jewish mysticism. This practice aims to assist you with your every day needs: money, love and protection. Our founder, AlasheOla, is a two-headed conjure doctor with the understanding and expertise to assist your practice and understand just what even the most experienced Hoodoo practioner may need.

When practicing divination, it is important to look to a partner with the understanding of the techniques so you can ensure you’re finding the right products for your unique needs. At Alasheola, we provide only the highest quality of runes and other equipment. As part of our divination service, we also provide services such as scheduledifaopele and erindinlogun readings, orisha consecration as well as other services that can help us prescribe the right course of action to solve or minimise your issues.

Whether you’re looking for divination, Hoodoo, Reiki, Spell kits, oils or anything outside or in between, Alasheola is the perfect place to find the solutions to your unique needs. We are committed to providing our products and services to the highest quality. We’re always happy to help whether you’re just starting out or you have decades of experience.

Magical Rocks, Gems, Crystal Tumblestones

Premium service and access to ancient wisdom.

Spiritual Herbs, Roots, Oils, Spell Kits

Rearch of solution as well as a new approach to spirituality

Amulets, Talisman, Seals, Charms and Spiritual Products

We are dedicated to welcoming our customers to embrace their spiritual journey

We Provide Customers With Quality and Authentic

We Planned To Achieve This Goal Through A Unique Combination Of offering A Wide Variety of Products and Services

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