Crystal Stones

Rocks,minerals crystal tumblestones all have a living consciousness and have long been associated with magical properties.

There are several ways we can work with gems, rocks, tumble crystal stones and minerals in your spiritual and religions rituals. Whether you’re looking to enhance your physical space, create a unique talisman or use rocks and crystals in your magical practice, Alasheola Herbs and Spiritual is the perfect partner to support you on this journey.

Crystals and stones are most commonly used for healing, divination as well as scrying and protection. They are often used by practitioners who are interested in following the more traditional view and techniques of magic through amulets and talismans.We also stock a range of gemstone jewellery and crystal stones set kit, which are perfect for those looking to begin their collection or just expand their existing selection.

You are often drawn to stones that are right for your practice and our range means you are more than likely to find the right one for you.

Here at Alasheola Herbs and Spiritual, we have all of these items available in Crystal Kit Set, singles or in packs specially charged that has property related to the outcome you desire. You can place it on your altar, your ritual space or on your person.