Divination is the art of seeking knowledge of the future or insight into a particular set of circumstances that would be otherwise unknown to the Querent. Divination is most often used to find accurate answers about your past, present and future especially related to love, money, protection and knowledge.

Today, the practice primarily includes techniques based on ancient ideas such as African ifaopele reading, Erindinlogun cowries reading, Rune stones,geomancy and modern forms of divination such as tarot and other divinatory card decks.

If you’re looking for assistance in making major life decisions, determining and addressing spiritual illness, you’re questioning your place in the world or you’re looking to access hidden information, Alasheola are experienced in a wide range of aspects of Divination. In fact, our resident herbalist is an expert spiritual medium who specialises in divination readings.

Here at Alasheola, our experts can help you with every aspect of divination. We can provide divination services in forms of scheduledifaopele and erindinlogun cowries readings.We also have divination tools in form of pendulum, runes stone set, and tarot cards alongside other items that you may need.

If you’re looking for answers that you feel are impossible to uncover without assistance, Alasheola Herb and Spiritual is the perfect partner to help. Whether you’re looking for readings or equipment to supplement your own practice and techniques, we have everything you could need.