• Osun Orisha Power Stone

Osun Orisha Power Stone

Meditate with our Osun Orisha stone, with a clear intent to cast yourself back to the time of that stone’s birth. Experience the time, place and people present while you yourself observe in stony silence. Witness yourself becoming more smooth and subdued over centuries of enduring Nature’s polish.

Stones are like batteries. Our Osun Orisha (deity ) power stones are packed with energy and are storage units for big juju/spiritual power.They contain the power of Mother Earth/Osun Energy within their smooth bodies. Each stone radiates with a specific memory and energy. Holding a stone elicits a feeling of being grounded. Others can propel one into dreamy realms. Still others are packed with protective, spiritual and healing energy power.

Generally,stones are comforters. The simple act of holding a rock can instantly ground us and even out our energies if we find ourselves scattered or gone haywire. Try it for yourself. When you feel distracted or scatter-brained, hold our powerful Osun's stone in your hand for a minute or two. Concentrate on its weight, (call on Osun deity-optional)its solidness, tap into the gravity and safety in that solidness. Because everything in our world is inclusive and interconnected, our bodies (physical and energetic) will begin to resonate with this Osun Orisha (deity) stone. After a little time, (you can burn some incense and candle) you will find that spaced-out feeling is replaced with rock-solid stability.

Our Osun Orisha power stones are charged by Mother Earth/Osun Energy in sweet waters,whose electric energy is undeniably clarified and vibrant. Stones are spiritual babies born from the Earth, layered with her own genetic code. We can tap into that Osun's energy and invigorate ourselves by connecting through Osun Orisha stones.

This listing is for 1 stone only. Stones are selected at random. You will receive 1 Osun power stone+gift bag.

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Osun Orisha Power Stone

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