• Fast Luck Magical Oil

Fast Luck Magical Oil.

Fast Luck  magical Oil is used to bring about a desired/wishes outcome and good fortune with fast results.If you need things to turn around quickly, our Fast Luck Magical Oil is the perfect oil for you. Fast Luck is an oil to be used when you need luck quickly. It is quick acting and potent, and a good all-purpose luck oil. Can be used in combination with another oil to specify exactly what you need the fast luck in (such as finding a job, finding a house, money for a bill, love, etc.).This is an oil that can bring results fast, but if you are looking for continued and long-term results (such as continued money coming in over a long time or marriage from a relationship),use a more long-term oil after using this oil (such as a money/prosperity oil or marriage oil).

Our Fast Luck Magical Oil can be used to anoint candles of any type, petition or name papers, crystals, mojo bags, poppets, and other ritual objects. Depending on the nature of the spellwork and the ingredients of the oils they can also be used to anoint the body and/or personal belongings.​

I only use high quality organic/wild crafted herbs, resins, barks, seed & berries in all my blends/magical oil. All the ingredients have been ethically collected as our suppliers are fair trade merchants. The ingredient are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated, ensuring that their energies are pure and remains potent.

* For external use only.

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Fast Luck Magical Oil

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