• Law Overlook/Court Case Incense

Law Overlook/Court Case Incense.

Our Law Overlook/Court Case Incense is a natural herbal/resin incense designed to put you in a position of advantage when dealing with the court/law. Law Overlook/Court Case Incense will confuse your opponent's lawyers and empower you to present your case like a champ and having the judge rule in your favor.

Law Overlook/Court Case Incense Uses:

  • Win or do well in a court case/trial
  • Have a judge or jury rule in your favor
  • Block the opposition in court

Law Overlook/Court Case Incense is a loose natural herbal/resin incense designed to be used with a charcoal disk.Use a spoon to add incense to the hot charcoal.Make sure to use a heat resistant container or surface.

The above picture is for display only. You will receive similar and appriopriate incense in a resealable bag.

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Law Overlook/Court Case Incense

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