• Oshun!Love Drawing Incense

Oshun! Love Drawing Incense 

Oshun Love Drawing Incense is made for people who want to draw in the energy of Oshun deity,the Yoruba Goddess(african spirituality).This incense is all about beauty ,attraction,seduction,graceful,fertility,self-love and connecting with Oshun. 

Oshun is considered to be the most beautiful of the female Orishas.  She exhibits all of the characteristics associated with fresh flowing water: she's lively, sparkling, vivacious, refreshing.  No one can resist her seductive laugh, her graceful dancing, and her lips that taste like honey.  She has a lush womanly figure with full hips, which suggest eroticism and fertility.  She loves silks, perfumes (especially vetiver and sandalwood), fans and mirrors, all kinds of jewelry, (especially coral and amber, gold and brass), she wears golden bracelets that jingle seductively when she moves, and her favorite treat is honey. Her favorite flower is the sunflower.  Although she's young and sometimes seems frivolous, she's a very powerful Orisha.  In many instances where other Orishas fail, Oshun triumphs, often by using her feminine wiles and sweetness to conquer her enemies.

Oshun! Love Drawing Incense is a loose natural herbal/resin incense designed to be used with a charcoal disk.Use a spoon to add incense to the hot charcoal.Make sure to use a heat resistant container or surface.

The above picture is for display only. You will receive similar and appriopriate incense in a resealable bag.

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Oshun!Love Drawing Incense

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