• Obatala Deity/Orisha Candle (Big)

Obatala Deity/Orisha Candle (Big)

The African mythology,rich in artistic fables and truth stories, offers a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Like Indian Brahma, Olorun (also known as Olodumare or Olofin) is the creator god who crafted the universe. Like Middle Eastern Baal, Shango is the god of thunder and storm. Like Greek Aphrodite, Oshun is the goddess of beauty, love, and sexual ecstasy.

As there are angels in Jewish,Christian,and Islamic religions, there are Orishas in the African spiritual tradition. Orishas are divine beings that govern various aspects of human life.

Always remember that Obatala aids the innocent and punishes the guilty. Be sure that your intentions are pure when praying to this powerful Orisha, as you will suffer the consequences of your guilt if you are not being truthful. Call upon Obatala to guide you through your difficulties and strengthen your resolve in times of hardship or uncertainty.

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Obatala Deity/Orisha Candle (Big)

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