• Orisha Osun Necklace Design (1)

Orisha Osun Necklace Design (1)

Osun Goddess spreads happiness & joy to all those around her. Osun is a woman of intelligence & confidence, who loves music and dancing and all sensual pleasures. Follow her and you will attract all the good things in life you so desire. Osun secret charm will follow you and enable you to win over whoever you want- sexually & otherwise. Osun is known also as the giver of fertility. Osun gives love, prosperity,riches,wealth faith and hope, to all.

Use these Osun necklaces to summon the powerful divine energy within you - so that you may achieve all your goals - while fulfilling your destiny in terms of success and personal satisfaction.

These beautiful beads are activated/conscreated..(if you choose not to have yours consecrated/activated please message us) Our necklace are made of high quality beads (not China beads).

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Orisha Osun Necklace Design (1)

  • Product Code: Orisha Osun Necklace Design (1)
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Tags: Osun Goddess power necklace, happiness, joy, intelligence, confidence, lover of music and dancing and all sensual pleasures, attract and all the good things in life, for charm to win over whoever you want sexually & otherwise, Osun is known as the giver of fertility, Osun gives love, prosperity, riches, wealth faith and hope, to all.