• Menopause Support Crystal Stone Set

Menopause Support Crystal Stone Set.

Hormonal changes that define the transition to menopause can cause minor or temporary issues, but also significant and longer-lasting ones that can affect your quality of life. As you work to manage physical symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia, it's also important to find ways to cope with emotional ones, be them mood swings or challenges mentally adjusting to this new phase in your life.The crystal healing stone set in this listing are specifically chosen as they are the best healing tools to help support you with menopause.


*The stones can be used to help combat insomnia and as a stress relief, they can both help balance your body as well as cool and sooth you.

*These stones are both energising and gives relief from depression.They helps to balance the Sacral chakra, cleanse, clear and emit healing energy to the reproductive system as it goes through this transition.

*The stones can help to control hot flashes and balance the yin and yang.Working with the Sacral-, Solar-Plexus-, and Third-Eye Chakras, these stones can enhance the energy flow between these chakras, ameliorating symptoms of menopause.

*The stones helps you with concentration and decision making.They simultaneously absorbs and emits energy in both directions, which can help you to flow with the transition/change.

*The stones helps you ground with Earth energies, the Root Chakra,and are used also used to absorb and transmute the hot flash energy, which will help to cool the body.

Finally, the stones balances hormones,they are very soothing crystal stones that helps to relieve stress. From ancient times, women has come to relied on these stones for their ability to balance hormonal and menstrual cycles.

All our stones are unique,you will not be receiving the exact stones in the pictures.Given these gems are natural, earth mined stones,they will have minor flaws & imperfections as well as variance in colors,size, shapes,and patterns.

Healers all over the world use stones,crystals,& minerals in their practice.However, the information given is not to be taken as a medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescription.The use of crystal healing is purely metaphysical in nature.All our products are made with love & positive energy. Each item has been cleansed before we ship out to its new owner. 

You will receive a quality velvet gift bag + 5 powerful Menopause Support Stones.

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Menopause Support Crystal Stone Set

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