• Cancer Support Crystal Stone Set

Cancer Support Crystal Stone set.

Our crystal healing tumble stone set in this listing are specifically chosen to combat the effects that a destructive disease such as cancer has on the body and promotes self-healing on all levels. They are a special combination of stones attuned to help energetically and spiritually support those battling against cancer. Together, this combination of stones cleanses both mind and body of negative energy, providing strength, courage, healing, and calm while you travel on the road to victory.


*The stones clears, protects and cleanses energy, helps during chemo as they are said to protect against EMF and radiation.Opening the heart to love,helping the nervous system, calming the mind and helps against anxiety.

*Known as the liquid light crystal, some of the stones in this pack can be use for programming to help heal all kinds of cancer. Use on your crown, meditate and visualise tumour body being protected from cancer. These stones can help protect from tumours and symptoms of cancer, as well as bringing great quantities of light to your body. Use the stones in your bedroom or under the bed,their protective energy helps keep your sleeping space cleansed and filled with light.

*The No.1 crystal stones set for support during chemotherapy to help negate the side-effect,they assist by moving energy through the body, eliminating negative and drawing in positive. Encourages self-expressions, releasing fears and frustration.
The stones gently neutralises negative vibrations and detoxifies on all levels, they help protect against radiation and electromagnetic frequencies.The stones disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity, thereby bringing emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety

*Anti- Inflammatory on all levels-helping to reduce growths and swelling, calm anxiety and emotional trauma: resting the mind.

*Finally,the stones balances the lower chakras, which are our foundation of self-understanding and security.Carried in your pocket/bra, they provides protection and stimulates inner strenght and creativity with a grounded approach to problem solving.

All our stones are unique, you will not be receiving the exact stones in the pictures. Given these gems are natural, earth mined stones, they will have minor flaws & imperfections as well as variance in colors, size, shapes, and patterns.

At AlasheOla, we do our best to show these imperfections in our images, so you know what to expect when you place an order. Each intuitively selected stone has been through a detailed quality inspection and is assured to meet your expectations.Crystal healing has been around since the beginning of recorded history.

Healers all over the world use stones, crystals, & minerals in their practice.However, the information given is not to be taken as a medical diagnosis, treatment, or prescription. The use of crystal healing is purely metaphysical in nature.All our products are made with love & positive energy. Each item has been cleansed before we ship out to its new owner.

You will receive a quality velvet gift bag and 5 powerful Cancer Support Stones set.

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Cancer Support Crystal Stone Set

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