• Obatala Consecrated Orisha (Deity)

Obatala Cosecrated Orisha (Deity)

The West African mythology offers a sophisticated understanding of creation and humanity. African mythology permeates Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Niger, Ghana, Gambia, and it has been transported through slavery to Brazil, Cuba,Trinidad, Guyana, Haiti and other South American and Caribbean countries. The African mythology, rich in artistic fables and truth stories, offers a pantheon of gods and goddesses. Like Indian Brahma, Olorun (also known as Olodumare or Olofin) is the creator god who crafted the universe. Like Middle Eastern Baal, Shango is the god of thunder and storm. Like Greek Aphrodite, Oshun is the goddess of beauty, love, and sexual ecstasy.
As there are angels in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions, there are Orishas in the African spiritual tradition. Orishas are divine beings that govern various aspects of human life. Obatala is the godfather of Orishas, such as Shango and Oshun. Just as the Levant is central to the Middle Eastern religions, Yorubaland is central to the African spiritual tradition. According to Yoruba beliefs, when Obatala descended from the heavens, he first settled in Ile-Ife, founding the mother city of humanity.

Obatala does not have a permanent gender. He is androgynous. He is married to Yemaya, the goddess of oceans and the godmother of Orishas. Free of gender, however, Obatala could be male, female, or neither. This asexuality makes Obatala the god of all human beings without regard to gender.Obatala has no patience for gender fights that break out in human communities. Likewise, Obatala is free of all colors even though he is associated with whiteness primarily because white light is polychromatic. Obatala is also known as the god of white clothes. Obatala accepts only white offerings without spices. The Obatala worshippers dance in white costumes, offer coconut milk, white pumpkin, and light up sandalwood incense. White, silver and ivory are the colours associated with Obatala. Obatala is the god of persons with special needs. Compassion moves Obatala’s heart.

Seen as the quintessential father figure, Obatala watches over all younger Orishas. He is the Orisha of leadership, knowledge, justice, those who are handicapped and the military.

Once a strong warrior who witnessed terrible acts of violence, this patient and compassionate deity provides kindness to those who pray to him.Obatala presides over the other Orishas and intervenes with their arguments and disagreements. He is widely respected as a fair and patient judge.

Always dressed in white, Obatala represents purity and calmness. White is considered the most sacred of all of the colors in yoruba traditional religion(african spirituality) as it symbolizes Obatala. His unwavering dedication to truth and clarity are symbolized by his all white attire. Obatala is portrayed as an older man in white robes holding a staff or torch. Mountains, hills and other high places are favorites of Orisha Obatala. He finds clarity and pureness of thought by connecting to nature high above the distractions of everyday life.

Offerings made to Obatala should follow the rules of purity that this Orisha embodies. He favors bland, white foods, such as rice, coconut, cocoa butter, white yams,kolanut (obi abata oloju merin) eku, Igbin (snail) eja, gin and eggs.

Present the offerings on a white cloth and cover with pure cotton. Obatala prefers his offerings be made on Sunday. Decorate his altar with a sacred crown or dove-handled bell, representing his status as a king and his belief in purity and justice. A white peace and wisdom candle or 7 Day Obatala Orisha candle can also be placed on his shrine. Anoint the candle with good luck oil or justice oil. In Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, devotees celebrate Obatala through September festivals.Devotees wearing white costumes parade through the streets beating drums and chanting songs. In these festivals, all Orishas are worshipped, offerings are made, and food is shared. In these festivals, a community of humans celebrates a community of Orishas, mingling the human with the divine. Back in Ile-Ife, devotees celebrate Obatala through January festival yearly, the believers wearing silver jewelry and white garments enter the Obatala shrine and chant devotional songs in unison playing igbin bells, a classical instrument invented centuries ago to celebrate Obatala, the sweetest god of thoughts, dreams, and purity.

Always remember that Obatala aids the innocent and punishes the guilty. Be sure that your intentions are pure when praying to this powerful Orisha, as you will suffer the consequences of your guilt if you are not being truthful. Call upon Obatala to guide you through your difficulties and strengthen your resolve in times of hardship or uncertainty.

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Obatala Consecrated Orisha (Deity)

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