• Egbe /Heavenly Peers Conserated Orisha Pot

Egbe/Heavenly Peers Consecration Orisha

It is known that when one begins to have immediate or imminent problems in their lives; one question that is important to ask of Ifa and particularly if the Odu Ifa indicates that has the person fulfilled their promises to the companions in Orun/heavenly peers.Egbe Orun has the capacity to disrupt ones life immensely if it goes unchecked.

 All human beings have peers in heaven. Those who do not have peers in heaven cannot live on earth. This notwithstanding, some people are more active in their heavenly peer groups than others. These people take positions of responsibilities in their groups. These are the people known as Elegbe or Alaraagbo.
There are also some other groups of heavenly peers who chose as part of their destinies to die young so that they will return to their heavenly groups in a very short period of time.These are known as Abiku or Emere.
In general, Egbe as a spiritual entity, supports its members, protects them, and gives them children, riches,prosperity,wealth, power,success, health,longlife and so on.
Many Elegbe children assume leadership position because they were leaders of their group while in heaven before they were born. Consequently, the leadership roles they assume on earth here is nothing but an extension of the various positions they occupied in heaven.
Egbe/heavenly spiritual peers or Alaraagbo is a lively spiritual entity and it believes in people making good their promises made in heaven/spiritual realm. To Egbe, if you make a promise, you should fulfill your promises. Many Elegbe make promises in heaven, which they eventually find difficult to fulfill here on earth due to one reason or the other. The Egbe will however insist that the promises be fulfilled. They will make these people go through series of traumatic experiences until they fulfill these promises or make all the necessary atonement through the performance of rituals.It must however be noted that Egbe/heavenly peers, Alaraagbo, Abiku or Emere are not Irunmole or Orisa in the strict sense of it. It is rather a congregation of spiritually gifted and advanced youth and adults (in heaven/spiritual realm).

Here at AlasheOla, we can make you your own personal authentic Consecrated Egbe Orisha, the shrine of egbe/heavely mates. It comprises of a pot (similar to that of Yeye Osun) and other powerful, and magical items.We have the expertise,ancient knowledge and wisdom that makes this happen. We also have available after care services, to our clients and continueous support to ensure that they get the full benefits and blessings of having their own Egbe/Heavenly peers Consecrated Orisha.

It takes 6-8weeks for your egbe/eeavenly peers consecrated orisha to be ready for dispatch.The yellow beads seen in the dispalyed photo is not included in this listing. It can however be bought seperately.This is not a Curio.

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Egbe /Heavenly Peers Conserated Orisha Pot

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