• Ifa Oracle Divination Reading

Ifa Oracle Divination Reading

People of all cultures, personal backgrounds and walks of life come seek knowledge or direction through divination everyday. One such traditional divination system is the Yoruba Traditional method known as Ifa Oracle.
Consulting Ifa Oracle will allow you to access hidden knowledge about your life. Trusting the inherent ‘knowing’ that we all possess allows us to take back our own personal power, which is according to Ifa Oracle and Yoruba philosophy our given birthright. This divination method provides you with greater knowledge of self and utilizes various tools and rituals to assist you with actualizing and manifesting the desires of your life from a place of inner knowing and guided wisdom.
This foreknowledge, when combined with following spiritual discipline in the form of prescribed ritual, gives us back our self-confidence, joy and inner peace. Coupled with this knowledge, we can be, do and experience our fullest destiny. The clarity given through Ifa divination Oracle with a competent diviner will help you to reassess your life and reaffirm your intent, in turn deepening your own ability to be compassionate, loving and forgiving of yourself as well as everyone and everything in existence.
Consultations consist of a general overview of the current life situation/question with a focus on achieving deeper insight into a person's overall destiny.
You receive a sign (Odu) that is influencing and guiding your current situation and the energy surrounding you.
The length of the consultation is determined by the Orisa or Spirit speaking.
It is as in depth as needed to cover all the messages for you at the time of the consultation.
Traditional and modern diasporal remedies known as ebo/etutu (appeasement & sacrifice/deliverance) will be recommended to support the reading. Yes/No questions can be asked by the individual during the reading as well as questions for more clarity or understanding.
A consultation with Ifa Oracle is a powerful tool for those seriously seeking direction in life on any and all topics. This is a 1 hour Consultation without Ebo or Cleansing. You will have an option for general Ebo/Etutu/Deliverance/cleansing as recommended by the Ifa Oracle.

Here at AlasheOla we have Babalawo's and iyanifa's who are well trained in this field. If you want to have ifa opele reading done, please contact us on Phone:+447480661815 or   Our email address:alasheolaherbsandspiritual@yahoo.com or [email protected]. Call us today to book in for your ifa Oracle divination reading appointment. Ifa never lies! Orunmila is always accurate!. Aboru-aboye-abosise.This is not a curio. Alternatively,If you purchase this service through our website,Please Note someone from out staff will call you and schedule within 24 hours, however we do provide emergency services, (call us) Readings will be conducted via Skype or can be done by Phone. 

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Ifa Oracle Divination Reading

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