• Ifa Orunmila Necklace -Design (2)

Ifa/Orunmila Necklace Design (2) 

According  to Yoruba african spirituality, wearing Ifa Orunmila's beads is a sacred emblem thought to be a bridge into the realm of the saints and the gods.  It’s a personal amulet that offers the wearer protection, communion, and control over the spiritual realm. Our Orunmila/lfa necklace is made of beaded jewels that represent a connection with the spirits that control our daily lives.  

In the pantheon of Yoruba african or Santeria, Orula or Ifa/Orunmila is the orisha of divination, the supreme oracle. Orula is a great healer, the great benefactor of mankind, its chief adviser. Orula represents intelligence and wisdom and it is said that he witnessed the creation of the universe. Orula possesses knowledge of the secret things of man and nature, as well as the accumulated knowledge of the history of humanity.

All the religious complexity around Orula makes him stand out from the other deities. Not only does Orunmilala personify wisdom, but he is also a powerful healer, working with herbs and roots to cure people. As future prophet and counselor of humans, Orunmila is considered one of the most important of all the orishas. Many present day ifa devotes all around the world and others who know of his position and power, wear his beads as necklace, bracelets etc, as a tribute to him.

These beautiful beads are activated/conscreated..(if you choose not to have yours consecrated/activated please message us) Our necklace are made of high quality beads (not China beads).This listing is for 1 Ifa/Orunmila Orisha necklace only.

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Ifa Orunmila Necklace -Design (2)

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