• Ifa Divination Reading

Ifa Divination Reading

Ifa divination is both a body of knowledge and a system of social, emotional, pathological control, employing relevant historical and mythological precedents contained in the special divinatory verses to be recited, chanted or song by the ifa priest or priestesslfa divination is the most complex system of divination both in its repertoire of verses and in its range of applications. To the Yoruba, divination or consultation with the supreme divinity (Orunmila) is of crucial spiritual importance. The oral tradition emphasises the parit played by Orunmila is guiding the destiny of man and divinities. One reason given for his intimate knowledge of matters affecting man’s destiny is that Orunmila is present when man is being created. Therefore he knows all the secrets of human beings and thus he can reveal what one has destined and if the destiny is an unfortunate one, Orunmila prescribe remedies to avert the misfortune. This is why Orunmila is being described as Elerii-ipin (the witness of destiny or lot), ‘Obirikiti A-pa-ojo-iku-da’ (the great one, who alters the date of death).The Ifa divination system helps people shape their lives in line with this deep purpose. 

If you are struggling with some part of your life – a choice, an opportunity, illness, death, or something else – and want to know how to change it for the better, then Ifa can help.Ifa acts like a gentle counselor of the soul, conveying to us the best actions to find success, deeper meaning, and peace of mind.

Going to consult Ifa  for reading, requires that the person be mindful of what they want to know. It is advisable that if you are going for Ifa divination you spend some time pondering over you question.Ifa divination requires you to be clear about the question you are going to pose to the Oracle. This is important because there cannot be any confusion in your mind about what you are going to ask about/your intention.

Here at AlasheOla we have Babalawo's and iyanifa's who are well trained in this field. If you want to have ifa opele reading done, please contact us on Phone:+447480661815. Our email address:alasheolaherbsandspiritual@yahoo.com or [email protected] us today to book in for an ifa divination reading appointment.Ifa never lies! Orunmila is always accurate!. Aboru-aboye-abosise.This is not a curio.

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Ifa Divination Reading

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