• Power/Protection/Guard Ring(Oruka Owo)

Power/Protection /Guard Ring (Oruka Owo)

There are certain items a person can wear to keep themselves protected from evil spiritual entities, accident etc. AlasheOla Power/Protection Rings are consecrated and charged with Spiritual Energy that helps make sure your protected from these unfortunate circumstances and conditions. Keep the evil eye away from your life with one of these rings so that you can expect a calmer peace of mind as you go through your daily routine. Allow yourself this ancient protective blessing. Protect yourself from the evil eye with this adjustable ring.

Do you believe in energy protection?Then this ring is for you! Whether we like it or not we are all energy, and the world moves with energy and sometimes we need a little something to make us feel strong and protected.
It looks like a regular ring, but it protects you. It is filled with a lot of things like blessings,and keeps you out of court, keeps you away from law agents,physical and spiritual attacks etc.


  • Mastery- you command respect wherever you go.
  • It can prevent road accidents,robbery,sickness,problems with law agents and physical attacks.
  • It can make the law agents stay away from you.
  • It can improve your luck, change bad luck to good luck.
  • It gives you protection from evil spirit and enemies that are waiting to ambush/harm you.
  • It gives you signs when something is about to happen.


*You must not let anyone touch your ring once the ritual is done.

*Try to refrain from shaking anyone's hand and making them come in contact with the ring.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition.

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Power/Protection/Guard Ring(Oruka Owo)

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