• Orisha Olokun (Olokun Deity)

Orisha Olokun (Olokun Deity)

Olokun is the Orisha that rules the depths of the sea where light does not touch. He is a mysterious Orisha and there is some debate about whether Olokun is male or female.He is a primordial Orisha arising out of his own ashé as the first oceans formed on the surface of the earth. 

Olokun is revered as one of the most commanding Orishas in the Yoruba/African religion.He is an androgynous Orisha that can take on any form (male or female). The guardian of the deepest depths of the sea, Olokun is the owner of the oceans and all of the riches that they possess.The deep sea is his kingdom and he resides there happily. The name Olokun is derived from the word “olo” meaning "owner", and "okun" meaning "ocean".He/she possesses unmatchable wisdom, governs over dreams, wealth, prosperity, meditation and healing. Olokun is respected as an authority over all other water deities.

He is the patron of Africans in the diaspora, especially those who were taken from Africa as slaves. When slaves jumped into the sea or sank a ship with themselves in it, rebelling against their captors, they go to the kingdom of Olokun. Sometimes it is said that the warriors among them with Olokun will pull down ships of countries they were taken to as slaves in the past, so some sailors will give offerings to Olokun and the Ancestors in the Sea before departing.

Olokun also has the wealth of the sea, and he's often petitioned for material wealth, his ownership of wealth sometimes makes him an attractive Orisha for veneration by people who need more wealth in terms of raw materials and commodities. He is also essential to political power and status. Though Shango leads the way in raw charisma, Olokun is the master of expanding charisma into the political and social realm on a wider scale than sexual seduction or leading armies. The faithful and blessed adherent to the ways of Olokun will be able to make nations.

Cowrie shells were used for money in ancient times, and Olokun was the possessor of all of the wealth of the sea. Sailors will give offerings of shells to Olokun and the ancestors in the sea before departing on their voyages. Olokun's colours are dark blue with green. His number: 9.

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Orisha Olokun (Olokun Deity)

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