• Aje shaluga Deity Prosperity Cowries (pair Ear of Aje shaluga)

Aje Shaluga Deity Cowries (Pair Of Aje shaluga)

Cowrie shells are said to be used to evoke Aje shaluga. The monetary use of cowries with their deep symbolism of prosperity and abundance lasted well into the 20th century. Aje shaluga is the owner of all wealth, all riches, both materially and spiritually. The cowries shell has connections to feminity for obvious reasons, it's appearance mimic that of the yoni.

Beyond its feminine ties, the cowrie shell also represents wealth, prosperity, fertility, abundance, protection and success.The shell (smaller one's) was used as a form of currency in parts of Africa and has since been regarded as a symbol of prosperity. In this listing we have, a pair of specially cleansed, charged and consecrated big cowries shell. 


*Place cowries shells on your altar

*Use in spells for fertility,birth,sexuality

*It can be used as protection against the evil eyes.

*Place in your business/workplace

*Place in your car for protection etc.

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Aje shaluga Deity Prosperity Cowries (pair Ear of Aje shaluga)

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