• Osun Consecrated Orisha (Deity)

Osun Consecrated Orisha (Deity)

Oshun (known as Ochún or Oxúm in Latin America) also spelled Ọṣun, is an Orisha, a spirit, a deity, or a goddess that reflects one of the manifestations of the Yorùbá Supreme Being in the Ifá oral literature and Yoruba-based religions (african spirituality). She is one of the most popular and venerated Orishas. Oshun is an important river deity among the Yorùbá people, divine feminine, fertility, prosperity,success,beauty and love. She is connected to destiny and divination.

Goddess of love, fertility in all senses and of multiplication(for more of everything – children, money, success, good luck, hope, protection etc....)

She is the keeper of our love. She is worshiped in order to have luck in love, to have luck in business too, so that our efforts would be crowned with success. Her symbols are the fresh waters (fresh rivers, lakes, streams, brooks). Osun is very popular Orisha in african spirituality, who has many devotees in many parts of the world. If she is not worshiped for love, then she is worshiped for progress, family, prosperity, children, health etc. Regardless of the conditions we are in, the energy of Oshun can be the answer to our problems.
Whenever we are in need of love, we worship Oshun and invoke her either for attraction or for protection. The same goes for financial and professional life. If someone is unsuccessful in business, or experiences a lot of failures, setbacks, at what they do in life (lack of progress) you can worship/make appeasement to Oshun, to bring stability and progress into one's life

Although Oshun governs love and the sweet waters, she is also regarded as a highly benevolent deity. Oshun is said to be the protector of the poor and the mother of all orphans. It is Oshun who fulfills their needs in this life.

Additionally, Oshun is regarded as a healer of the sick, the bringer of song, music and dance, as well as prosperity and fertility. Oshun is also depicted as a teacher, who taught the Yoruba agriculture, culture,and mysticism. She also taught them the art of divination using cowrie shells, as well as songs, chants, and meditation.

Here at AlasheOla, we can make you your own individualize and authentic consecrated Orisha Osun!. We have the expertise, ancient knowledge and wisdom to make this happen. We also have available after care services, to our clients and continueous support to ensure that they get the full benefits and blessing of having their own orisha Osun.

The Osun tureen shown in the listing is not included, its for display only. You can order these items seperately. It takes 6-8weeks for your Osun consecrated Orisha to be ready for dispatch.This is not a curio.Ore Yeye Osun O!

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Osun Consecrated Orisha (Deity)

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