• Sango Consecrated Orisha (Deity)

Sango Consecrated Orisha (Deity).

Shango is one of the most popular Orisha of the Yoruba pantheon and great warrior. He is the king of the religion, Orisha of justice, the dance, the viril force, the thunderclaps, the rays and the fire,owner of the drums Ilú Batá or Bembés, of the dance and music; he represents the necessity and the joy to live, the intensity of the life, the masculine beauty, the passion, intelligence and the wealth. He represents the greater number of favorable and unfavorable situations. Shango represents and has a special relation with the world of the Eggun. The natural forces associated with Shango are fire and lightning. His most prominent ritual symbol is the oshe, a double-headed battle-ax. Statues representing Shango often show the oshe emerging directly from the top of his head,indicating that war and the slaying of enemies are his essential attributes. The oshe is also used by Shango’s priesthood. While dancing, priests hold a wooden oshe close to their chests as protection or swing it in a wide chest-high arc. Shango is said to have played bata drums to summon storms; they continue to be used by his devotees for that purpose.Shangó is one of the beloved and revered of all Orishas. His numbers are 6 and 12 and his sacred nature area is the royal palm tree.

Shangó teaches us to live a well- rounded life.Married at different times to Orisha goddesses-Oya, Oshun, and Obba, Shangó is a passionate warrior who loves love.

Here at AlasheOla, we can make you your own individualize and authentic consecrated Orisha Sango!. We have the expertise, ancient knowledge and wisdom to make this happen. We also have available after care services, to our clients and continueous support to ensure that they get the full benefits and blessing of having their own Orisha Sango.

The wooden bowl and beads shown in the listing are not included, its for display only. You can order these items seperately. It takes 6-8weeks for your Sango consecrated Orisha to be ready for dispatch. This is not a curio.

Eeepa Shango!

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Sango Consecrated Orisha (Deity)

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