• Workplace/Business Crystal Stone Set

Workplace crystal stones set.

As wellness permeates more and more aspects of our lives, it’s time to turn to the office and make the workplace more supportive of our overall health and well-being. For those times when your busy, stressful professional life is taking a toll on your mental or physical health, or the negative energy from a coworker is draining you, your desk can be your sacred space where you can seek refuge from the hardships of your job. Not to mention the effect that all of the tech devices in the office can have on your spirit! To ensure that you spend your days feeling your best even on the job, here are our five favorite stones to help create wellness in the workplace. And for those just starting to incorporate crystals into the office, our Workplace Crystal Stones Set has everything you need to incorporate wellness in the business/workplace.


 *There’s no getting away from the EMFs put out by tech devices when you have a desk job/workplace. As much as we may all have off-the-grid fantasies, most of us need our very on-the-grid jobs. To limit the EMFs emitted from your computer, place our stones by your computer and underneath your desk. The stones are an extremely protective stones that will help shield you from EMFs as well as negative energy, and are able to actually absorb the EMFs while raising your energetic frequency.

*Attract abundance by placing these stones over your business card. The serious manifestation properties of these stones will help you draw money and prosperity your way, as well as success in your professional life. Not just for attracting wealth, these stone salso creates a shield of protective energy, and blocks out the negative emotions and energy. By keeping you from becoming emotionally defeated, it encourages you to have the confidence for necessary, measured risks. Not only does this elevate your energy and outlook, it also taps into your intuition to foster sound gut decision and better solutions. And who couldn’t use more of that in their workplace.

 *The stones helps you release any negative energy you are holding onto in your mind or body, and instead encourages you to focus on the light and the positive in your life. When you’re feeling trapped in a negative mindset, grab hold of your stones to shift toward the positive. The stones allows you to cut ties with a co-worker or someone else you’ve encountered throughout the day who drained you of your own energy. By detaching from this person on an energetic level, the stones helps you ensure that your energy is your own. Keep this crystal bundle on your desk or better yet, in your pocket so it’s nearby whenever you need to cut the cords with someone else’s energy.

All our stones are unique,you will not be receiving the exact stones in the pictures.Given these gems are natural, earth mined stones,they will have minor flaws & imperfections as well as variance in colors,s ize, shapes, and patterns.

Healers all over the world use stones,crystals,& minerals in their practice.However, the information given is not to be taken as a medical diagnosis,treatment,or prescription.The use of crystal healing is purely metaphysical in nature.All our products are made with love & positive energy. Each item has been cleansed before we ship out to its new owner. 

You will receive a quality velvet gift bag + 5 powerful Workplace/Business Crystal Stones set.

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Workplace/Business Crystal Stone Set

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