• Ifa Opele

Ifa Opele Tool (Consecrated & Cleansed)

Opele ifa or sometimes referred to as 'ekuele' or 'ocuele in latin America is a special divination tool used by Babalawo or an Iyanifa's. Its quite popular due to the efficiency it provides for divining. It is very practical and convenient when the diviner is mobile or on the goal.In this instant,the opon ifa is not needed when using the Opele divining chain.

The role of the Opele is to facilitate the communication between the Babalawo or Iyanifa and Ifa/Orunmila, the deity of wisdom and knowledge.The Opele chain is known to be the assistant of Orunmila. During the divination session,the Babalawo or Iyanifa is then able to identify the causes and solutions to personal and collective problems and restore harmony in the person's life through re-balancing of the person's destiny and/or Ori (personal deity/higher self).

This valuable Ifa tool is used for the majority of daily divination work.

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Ifa Opele

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