• 9 Days Road Opener (Prosperity/Success Herbal Bathing Kit

9 Days Road Opener (prosperity/success/love) Herbal Bathing Kit

Our 9 days Road Opener Bathing Herbal Kit do more than just open roads. Road Opener is a type of rootwork and hoodoo magick that helps to remove barriers,obstacles and blockages so that what you desire can be achieved. Made with over 25 powerful different herbs/roots/minerals, our special blend can help to bring you success, good fortune, good luck, abundance, good health, money, promotions, blessings etc.

If you find that you've been working spells and magick for weeks or even months and not seeing the results that you desire or if you feel stuck in your private or professional life our 9 days Road Opener Herbal Bathing Kit is your solution. This blend is a powerful tool to remove obstacles in your life, open up new oppourtunities and set a clear pathway to your goals and dreams.

The blend are loaded with powerful herbs, roots, resin that are know to open roads to success, prosperity, good luck, love, riches.

How To Use.

There are a number of ways you can use our road opener blend.

*You can simply use them in a regular bath as a means to attract good things to you much like a magnet. (for best result we advise you use the pack in a 9 days row, spiritual herbal bathing ritual.(direction on how to use will be dispatch with the order)

*You can also use our Road Opener blend to wash your hands before handling money, important papers or when working on resumes. You can even boil some with water and use it as a floor wash. There are no limits with this powerful blend.

I only use high quality organic/wild crafted herbs, resins, barks, seed & berries in all my blends/magical oil. All the ingredients have been ethically collected as our suppliers are fair trade merchants. The ingredient are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated, ensuring that their energies are pure and remains potent.


*9 Days supply of Road Opener Herbal  Bathing Blend (its advisable that you have the bath 9 days in a row)

*Road Opener Magical Herbal Oil

*Ritual Candle



*Road Opener Crystal Stones set+gift bag

 For external use only.

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9 Days Road Opener (Prosperity/Success Herbal Bathing Kit

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