• White Sage. 10cm

White Sage.

Sage is a plant whose scent is revered for its ability to remove negative energy,clearing,cleansing,purify,protect and elevate space.With clear intentions established, use a white sage smudge stick to open the mind up to forgiveness,compromise and other stages of emotional progress. Burning sage or smudging can have a significant impact when used after an argument,after an illness, before and after parties, after an intense workout, prior to meditation, when moving into a new space and during periods of grieving.

Additionally, while you are cleansing your home with sage, you can also take this time to cleanse your crystal /gemstones collection. Let the smoke of burning sage completely envelop each gemstone whille you thoughfully remind yourself of the intention you have set for it. Ask that the burning sage cleanse and activate it's frequencies, releasing it from any previous programming or unwanted energy.

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White Sage. 10cm

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Tags: remove negative energy, clearing, cleansing, purify, protect, elevate space, meditation, cleanse crystal /gemstones collection, cleanse and activate crystal/gemstones frequencies, release unwanted energy.