• Peaceful Home Incense

Peaceful Home Incense.

Burn our Peaceful home incense blend to achieve harmony in the living space. One may burn this blend to improve the living situation of a your business environment,family, married, or solitary home.Our Peaceful home incense blend will ease stress, strife, and anger. One should burn our Peaceful Home Incense in every room to achieve peace after times of strife. One may even burn this blend as a first gentle step toward easing the effects of a haunting: visualize the spirit as a fellow member of the home, and empathize with it.One may also cast the incense as a powder about the entire house to calm its inhabitants.

Peaceful Home Incense is a loose natural herbal/resin incense designed to be used with a charcoal disk. Use a spoon to add incense to the hot charcoal. Make sure to use a heat resistant container or surface.

The above picture is for display only. You will receive similar and appriopriate incense in a resealable bag.


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Peaceful Home Incense

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