• Love & Attraction Herbal Bathing Kit

Love & Attraction Herbal Bathing Kit.

Looking for a new relationship? Want to deepen the bond with your current partner? Our Love & Attraction Herbal Bathing Kit is the perfect solution for forming new romances or intensifying the intimacy of your current relationship.Love is one of the noblest feelings of human existence.Without it,nothing is possible. The love between brothers, father, mother and friends are essential in our life. But what about romantic love?This one,sometimes can be harder to get and sustain,right?

Sometimes love is closer than you think and you and your soul mate are just a little lost, unable to find each other. For all cases, a mystical help can give you that little push you need.Derived from conventional conjure/hoodoo/african recipes,our Love & Attraction Herbal Bathing Kit can be adaptable to all kinds of love-attracting spells,divination and rituals baths.This particular love bath blend is loaded with over 25 differents love and attraction drawing herbs,roots,resins and oils that have been tested and proven to achieving this desired result.





*KEEP THE FLAME ALIVE In Relationships


*Removes love jinx


*5 Days supply of Love & Attraction herbal  bathing blend(can have the bath 7days in a row or as desired)

*Love & Attraction magical herbal oil

*Love & Attraction incense


*Ritual Candle

* Love & Attraction gemstones set+gift bag

I only use high quality organic/wild crafted herbs, resins, barks, seed & berries in all my blends/magical oil. All the ingredients have been ethically collected as our suppliers are fair trade merchants. The ingredient are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated, ensuring that their energies are pure and remains potent.

Direction of use will be included in your pack.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.For external use only.

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Love & Attraction Herbal Bathing Kit

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