• Mandrake Magical Oil

Mandrake Magical Oil.

The mandrake is one of the most famous plants used in many traditional/ancient practices because of its numerous magical abilities.Mandrake belongs to the Solanaceae plant family and the plants are particularly noted for their potent roots which resemble human forms. 

Our Mandrake Magical Oil can be used in countless magic spells and charms.Besides protection it is associated with fertility magic.The influence of scripture on American and Afro-Caribbean magic means that Mandrake is still a hearty player in the world of love and fertility charms.This oil has the power to block evil spirits and negative energy, bring prosperity and knowledge,attract love,and improve luck.Anointing a paper with a name written on it ,is believed to draw love from that person.Anointing paper money with this oil is found to bring wealth.Mandrake Oil can be used to increase strength of your protection spells to help turn away curses and negative energy as well as to empower curses and hexes. 

I only use high quality natural organic/wild crafted herbs,resins,barks,seed & berries in all my magical oil.All the ingredients have been ethically collected as our suppliers are fair trade merchants.The ingredient are free of pesticides and herbicides,and are not fumigated or irradiated,ensuring that their energies are pure and remains potent

*This product is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure or prevent any disease or condition.

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Mandrake Magical Oil

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