• Abundance/Prosperity Magical Candle Kit.

Abundance Magical Candle Kit.

 Our Abundance/Prosperity Magical Candle Kit has been created to bring forth money, abundance and prosperity if money is immediately needed. Change unlucky monetary conditions. Bring forth prosperity in money and money dealings. Use for money/prosperity drawing and abundance spell/magic workings.

Magical Spell is a thought, a projection, a prayer, or an enchantment.Other religions use prayer, meditation, projection and ritual to produce an intended result. The success of the spell/magic working depends not only upon the way in which it is cast, but also upon the power of positive thinking and the ability to imagine and believe in the magic being created.

AlasheOla Abundance/Prosperity Magical Candle Kit are designed to aid you in completing simple and focused spells effortlessly. And know that each of the components contained within this Abundance/Prosperity Magical Candle Kit have been charged with intent drawing upon the positive forces to aid in your spell workings.


*5 Abundance/Prosperity Magical Candle

*Abundance/Prosperity Magical Powder

*Abundance/Prosperity Magical Oil

*Abundance/Prosperity Magical Incense


Ritualized/Magical candles according to the ancient tradition have the power to achieve our dream or purpose. Direction of use included in the post.

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Abundance/Prosperity Magical Candle Kit.

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