• Half Green /Half Black Double Action Reversible Candle.

Half Green /Half Black Double Action Reversible Candle.

If you think that someone has cast a bad luck spell on you and it’s preventing you from making money and having wealth in your life. You can choose this combination to defeat the dark energy and let prosperity and abundance come your way, eliminating the blockage coming from the dark energy.

A reverse candle is a special kind of candle of two different colors and was created for a specific magickal goal. It can have different ingredients in it, but its colors are what matters the most.

You can use a reverse candle to reverse a spell that is affecting your life in a bad way. Like a bad luck spell, or any spell made with evil intentions to cause you harm, stress, and challenging times.

Use reverse candle If you think you are under a spell or you are dealing with some very strange situations, in which you feel like you have no power or energy to overcome it, a reverse candle could be the answer. If you are still unsure if there are any evil forces surrounding you, or if someone had cast a black magic spell on you that is giving you some hardship, you can explore this possibility with ifa oracle divination reading available here at AlasheOla Herbs&Spiritual. Whatsapp +447480661815.

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Half Green /Half Black Double Action Reversible Candle.

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