• Crossing Hoodoo/Sachet Powder.

Crossing Hoodoo/Sachet Powder.

A lot of magickal practitioners use oils, some use soaps, most use herbs in some fashion but did you know that powders also play a rather significant role in most magickal traditions? Hoodoo is no exception to this and you may hear them referred to in this tradition as dusting powder, herb dust or maybe just simply as hoodoo powders.

Dusting or hoodoo powders are powders that have been infused with herbs, roots and sometimes even condition oils and usually powered with alot of intention and prayer. They are employed in works much the same way that the condition oils or the herbs themselves are used. 

How To Use.

Sprinkle our Crossing Hoodoo Powder in the path of the person you wish to banish from your life and if their feet or shoes touch it, you should not be bothered in any way by that person again.

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Crossing Hoodoo/Sachet Powder.

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