•  Bondage Breaker/ Uncrossing Soap (Atude)

Bondage Breaker/Uncrossing Soap (Atude).

Our Bondage Breaker/ Uncrossing Soap is aimed at destroying any curses, and removing any evil negativity from your person and aura. Whether you have been affected by the evil eyes, suffering from curses or simply been affected by bad energy our Bondage Breaker/Uncrossing HerbalSoap can help remove the effects. It neutralizes the negative energy and provide a protective shield between you and people who wish you harm.(for stronger jinx/hexes/curse remover, use our 13 Days Bondage Breaker/Uncrossing Herbal Bathing kit.)


* Break and remove curses

* Cleanse away negativity 

*General aura cleansing

For External Use Only.

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Bondage Breaker/ Uncrossing Soap (Atude)

  • Product Code:Bondage Breaker/Uncrossing Soap (Atude).
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Tags: Break and remove curses, Cleanse away negativity, General aura cleansing.