Consecrated Orishas

Consecrated Orishas

An Orisha is that part of a natural force that is disciplined and controllable and that can be cultivated by people using ritual means. There is also the other part of nature that will always remain wild and escape definition.

Orisha Worshippers see the tamed natural force and the deified ancestor as indissolubly linked.This unity is represented by a witnessing object, known as a consecrated Orisha, that acts as the material support of an Orisha's power to command and cause things to happen.

A collection of these objects constitutes as a pot where the Orisha is present and can be addressed through prayers and offerings.In this context, the pot or bowl containing the 'Consecrated Orisha' may be referred to as the Orisha or as the 'Orisha's face. Everything that went into forming these witness objects from leaves, earth, metal, stones, pottery, cowries or any animal bones to the incantations and sacrifices that praised and coerced the Orisha's many powers to lodge in one place.

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