• Ifa Consecration Orisha -'Isefa'

Ifa ConsecrationOrisha-'Isefa'

IFA Consecration, receiving the first hand of Orunmila,'Isefa' is receive to provide protection, improvement of life circumstances-in essence,to align with one's destiny.The process and its element places you directly under the protection of Olodunmare and Orunmila. It puts you on course with Orunmila and makes you an official devotee of ifa.Hand of Ifa (isefa)is a wonderful blessing to begin with, without the obligations of full initiation into Ifa. Receiving Hand of Ifa means that you are able to begin a deeper relationship with ifa and to learning how to pray,and make offerings to your ifa .

A future priest or priestess or an ifa devotee will receive the the first hand of ifa (isefa) which means he or she will have their personal Ifa to worship until they will pass through full ifa initiation( Itefa) when Ifa will reveal to them a new Odu, that will be their destiny for the rest of their life.

Receiving the hand of Orunmila/ifa (isefa) means to receive the sacred palm nuts (Ikin) that represent Orunmila/Ifa and to receive a temporary Odu – sign of destiny.It will also revealed the individual personal Irunmole/Orisha, the taboo's, and how to walk the path in order for one to start living a better life.You will be educated on how to develop spiritual intimacy with ifa and how to use this tool to navigate your way through life with ease.

Ifa is always guiding us and listening to our prayers and for the one who worship, Ifa nothing is impossible to achieve.

Here at AlasheOla, we can make you your own individualize authentic Ifa Consecrated Orisha(Isefa).We have the expertise,ancient knowledge and wisdom that makes this happen. We also have available after care services, for our clients and continueous support to ensure that they get the full benefits and blessings of having their own Ifa Consecrated Orisha(Isefa).

Please allow 6-8weeks for your Ifa Consecrated Orisha (Isefa) to be fully ready for dispatch.This is not a curio.

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Ifa Consecration Orisha -'Isefa'

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