• Protection Mojo Bag.

Protection Mojo Bag.

A mojo bag is a powerful tool in the magic of Hoodoo. One of the most potent and simple methods for connecting with our magical guides is to carry a well-prepared mojo bag. It is widely believed that mojo bags are the man-made manifestation of a spiritual being and that they contain life-like properties.

The primary amulet of the Hoodoo religion, a mojo bag is essentially a flannel bag containing magical items of significance to the bags owner. The word mojo is thought by some to be related to the West African word "mojuba," meaning a prayer of admiration and protection, as it is a "prayer in a bag" - a hex you can carry with you. Other names for these charms include gris gris, nation sack, mojo hand, toby and conjure bag.Carry a Protection Bag in your Pocket or Purse to Protect you daily

How To Use.

Carry a Protection Bag in your Pocket or Purse to Protect you daily.Personalise by writing your name, date of birth and request on the back of the seal in red ink and place in the bag.


*Pulple flannel bag,

*Dressed Herbs with Protection Oil

*Protection Seal.

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Protection Mojo Bag.

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